Sunday, April 24, 2011


I used to be a full-time vegetarian for several years in college. I did it for various reasons and at the time I was very dedicated to that lifestyle. I never went fully vegan but intended to. Unfortunately, I forgot why I had made a mission out of not eating meat and slowly started the shift toward unconscious choices again. Today my eyes have been opened again by "Earthlings," a powerful video that had me blubbering, crying, and in genuine angst because of the total apathy I've shown toward animals as of late. The video has inspired me to go vegan again and I'll be posting my experiences on this blog. I hope this video touches you as it did for me, and I hope it helps you transition toward a more humble way of eating.

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  1. It touched me in a very emotional way so....I'm back on track as well, i did not venture far away from being who i am but farther than i want to be from what i truly believe is how i want to live my life in harmony with all the creatures of the earth and earth itself. I hope others will watch "Earthlings" narrated by Joaquin Phoenix,a lifelong vegan. I suppose that is really who i am as well, a lifelong vegan, just now living true to my innermost being. Thank for starting this blog, i hope you share it with others.