Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Am I Vegan?

So, after careful consideration, I changed my blog name this evening.  And I may change it again- who knows?  Just the fact that I'm writing a blog is a miracle.  Asking me to decide on a blog name and not change it time and time again before I've actually decided, that would be the day when pigs not only fly, but also aren't eaten by humans.  I settled (for now anyway) on "Am I Vegan?" because I don't think I can call myself vegan quite yet.  First of all, it's only been three days.  Second, I'm still in the process of discovering how to be one.  I know I want to be a vegan, but I have some learning to do.  Maybe after what I feel is a significant amount of time I'll change my blog title to: I Am Vegan.  Again, who know?  I'm a strange creature. :)

Random Question:

As I wrote this post my dog threw up on the floor.  I decided to let her out in case she did it again.  When she went outside she vigorously started eating part of the bush by our front porch.  When I say vigorously, I mean she almost swallowed it whole.  I've seen her eat grass before, but this was ridiculous.  When I called her to come back in she hesitated and stood there whining.  Usually when I call her in she comes right away. Any ideas on why she would act this way?  Obviously she doesn't feel well, but her behavior was very curious. I hope my baby feels okay.  :(

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